Blade Nano Qx FPV AntennaSaver


Antenna savers for your FPV Nano QX (5 for $5.00)



The Blade Nano QX FPV AntennaSaver installs quickly and easily into the slot between the camera’s circuit boards. It’s simple yet practical design protects the antenna from bending and breakage in collisions.

The AntennaSaver has been designed to be strong and durable with minimal weight (0.2 grams) for optimal performance and protection of your Blade FPV Nano QX Antenna.

• Each order includes 5 AntennaSavers and free shipping.


step 1

Step 1 – Remove canopy and cut notch as shown



Step 2 – Hold the AntennaSaver by the top hook


step 2

Step 3 – Thread base of AntennaSaver through the Antenna


step 3

Step 4 – Locate the base of the AntennaSaver between the two circuit boards


step 4

step 5 – Supporting the camera and circuit boards, push the AntennaSaver downward so that the wedge shaped base fits snugly between the circuit boards

Note: Do not push AntennaSaver down too far. It should be tight enough to not wiggle loose.



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